Obama Wants You To Declare Your Independence.

Over two hundred years ago, a group of patriots wrote a Declaration of Independence to assert their freedom from an oppressive tyrant. Our wonderful country was born. General George Washington would become our first President at 67, followed by 42 men elected by the people to lead the last, best hope for mankind.

But that is not good enough for Barack Obama.

No, he wants you to declare your independence all over again… by donating to his campaign. According to his website, his is the first presidential election truly funded by the people. Here are the screenshots:

I visited Barack Obama’s website today to see the new campaign ad. I was greeted with this crap instead. He even has a video to match it:

On the whole, I’d say that this entire decision by the Obama campaign was made for the sole purpose of being able to rub it in John McCain’s face. He said himself that he “supports a robust system for the public financing of elections”. He just wants to be able to point his finger and use the same old tired smears that Democrats use every election: that Republicans are in the pockets of the wealthy, of lobbyists, of special interest groups, and that it’s really the Democrats who work for you.

The smear is nothing new. The tactics are, and I just was in awe of the sheer arrogance of the Obama campaign. It’s such an insult to the Declaration of Independence — the very document that this country was founded upon — for Barack Obama to even think that he could equate his presidential campaign to it. And it’s amazing to me that Obama would be willing to do it for something so pathetic: to spin his way out of breaking campaign pledges.

I especially love the line “the first presidential election truly funded by the people”. In that sentence, Barack Obama is smearing every single former President as illegitimate. Amazing. It’s as if Obama is actually starting to believe the hype, that he’s starting to actually see himself as the Obamamessiah. And I have to wonder, does he really believe that every other President was not funded by the people? Does he really think that? With that sentence, he’s painting even our Founding Fathers as swindlers and con-artists who cheated the people to get the Presidency, and himself as the benevolent Savior breaking away from that tradition.

And while he is saying he wants you to declare your independence from a broken system, while he smears our former Presidents, while he insults our Declaration of Independence… he claims to love this country unconditionally. Incredible, isn’t it?

God save us if this man actually wins.

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