Obama’s Future

Over time, as people continue relentlessly hammering Obama for being vacuous, his whole “change, unity, hope” meme will sound increasingly hollow. Then, eventually, it’ll become like John Kerry mentioning his service in Vietnam: people will groan and roll their eyes when he says the words “change, unity, or hope.”

At that point, he’ll be in trouble because “hope” sounds a lot better than taking your handguns away from you. “Unity” sounds much better than a trillion dollar tax increase. “Change” sounds a lot better than wasting the sacrifices of our troops and creating a wave of genocide in Iraq by starting to pull out come hell or high water in early 2009.

Once you get out of the platitudes and into the nitty-gritty, Obama won’t sound very appealing because he’s touting an agenda that has already been, for the most part at least, rejected by the American people.

Does that mean Obama loses? Not necessarily, because McCain has his own problems, but Obama is a much weaker candidate than people think. He’s a Ted Kennedyesque, ultra-liberal empty suit who’s not qualified to be President, running a campaign that sounds like it came off an episode of Sesame Street — and that reality is going to hit him square in the teeth at some point in the campaign.

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