Obama’s No America-Hating Liberal (But Vote for Him Anyway) — Satire By Liberal Larry

First it was Rev. Jeremy Wright, and now this. Apparently, someone has been spreading scurrilous rumors around of a video in which Michelle Obama rants and raves against the White Devil.

Give me a break. This is just another pathetic attempt to portray Barack Obama as an America-hating leftist with a grudge against White people, and it’s patently obvious who is responsible.The Obama campaign is attempting to energize the progressive base of the democrat party by making us all believe he’s an authentic Liberal. Frankly, I am ashamed of Sen. Obama for resorting to such dirty tricks to get my vote.

Give it a rest, Obama! You’ve already clinched the nomination, even despite your total lack of progressive credentials.

This content was used with the permission of BlameBush!

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