Obama’s Uncle Served in Red Army (or, Obama Caught in Another Lie)

Obama’s hard-left connections just don’t stop. Not only was he mentored in high school by rabidly anti-American Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, now it turns out he had a close relative in Stalin’s Red Army.

Here’s B.O. claiming that his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz:

The embellishment about the heroic uncle not coming out of the attic for six months afterward because we didn’t have enough government programs to deal with his trauma was a nice touch. But O’Bigot misspoke when he said his uncle was in the American army. Auschwitz is in Poland. It was Russians that drove out the Germans, not Americans.

You can’t blame Obama for not realizing that Poland is to the east of Germany. After all, according to the maps used in Obamaland, Kentucky is closer to Arkansas than Illinois.

History isn’t his strong suit either. Remember when he claimed that his father was inspired by the Selma marches that started in 1965 to come to America and impregnate a white moonbat in 1960? Barack Senior was also inspired by the stirring words of John and Robert Kennedy, who instituted an airlift to import Africans; never mind that Eisenhower was still President at the time.

Apparently Obama’s latest pratfall was intended to make it up to Jews that he hangs out with people who want to kill them.

Don’t worry, Barry. The media will cover for you as always. At least you didn’t misspell potato.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ; on tips from Cheetah, Nelson K, Refuter of Liberal Vermin, and Lyle. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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