October 13, 2006


Man Admits UK-US Dirty Bomb Plot

Four Days After North Korea Tried To Set Off Its First Nuclear Bomb, U.S. Intelligence Agencies Think The Blast Detected By Seismic Sensors Was A Plutonium-Fueled Device That Did Not Fully Explode

U.S. Offers N. Korea Resolution At U.N.

12 Killed And 25 Wounded In Separate Blasts In Philippines


Sen. Reid Defends Shady Looking Million Dollar Vegas Land Deal

Jury Awards $11.3m Over Defamatory Internet Posts

Duke Dancers Give Different Accounts

Jeb Bush: I Wasn’t Hiding In The Closet

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Mark Warner Will Not Seek The White House

Larry Sabato’s Analysis Of The 2006 Election

Latest Survey: Lieberman 53% Vs. Lamont 40%

Susquehanna Polling and Research: Murtha 57% Vs. Irey 30% — Public Opinion Strategies: Murtha 55% Vs. Irey 45%

The Newest Bob Corker Ad


Victor Davis Hanson: History And The Movie “300”

Michelle Malkin: Liberal Media Allergic To American Values

A Question And Answer Session With Mark Steyn

Robert Cox: When Will The Right Recognize The Cost Of Conceding Web 2.0?

Mark Steyn: Pakistan’s Least Worst Hope


Humor: Announcement Of Glorious Nuclear Achievement To Gangster Stooges Of Blogosphere

Funn video: Chad Vader — Nightshift Manager — Episode 4

Video: White And Nerdy

Website Of The Day: Wide Awakes Radio

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