Of Course People Who Are Anti-American Want Obama.

Over at the HuffPo, Derek Shearer has a post called, “Waiting For Obama: The First Global Election.” Here’s an excerpt,

Nothing could be more accurate today than the political chant from Chicago in 1968: “The Whole World is Watching.” The level of interest in the upcoming U.S. presidential contest is incredibly high, greater than at any time in post-Cold War history. This is due to the rapid decline of America’s reputation abroad during the Bush administration and to the hope that Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama will restore America’s image not with public relations, but with new internationalist policies.

In the past month, I have seen this phenomenon first hand. I have traveled to Syria, Peru and Bolivia as a speaker in the State Department’s public diplomacy program. In each country, I heard from US embassy staff about how a record number of foreign journalists have requested travel to the US to cover the elections. I met with some of these reporters during my trips. I also encountered the same interest among students who attended my university lectures — and of course, business and government leaders wanted to know in detail what an Obama presidency might mean.

In Syria, for example, students at the elite public policy school at Damascus University were fascinated to learn that Obama’s middle name is Hussein, and that his mother’s second husband was a Muslim who took young Barack to live for years in Indonesia. These young Syrians seemed amazed that the United States which many in the region see as the Great Satan would actually nominate such a person to be president — and the thought that he might be the next president of the US was almost beyond belief. Of course, I got the not unexpected questions about whether Obama too would be under the thumb of the Jewish lobby — but overall, a sense of hope and optimism seemed to prevail.

You know, it’s funny; the Left tells everyone that will listen that the rest of the world hates America, but then they brag that these very same people would be excited to have Barack Obama in the White House.

Well, of course they would. These people want to see the United States weakened and humiliated. Heck, even the author is saying that many people in that region see us as the Great Satan. Why would they ever want to see Satan prosper? The obvious answer is that they wouldn’t.

So, yes, they are amazed that Americans would be so foolish as to put a man in the White House, like Barack Obama, who will weaken the country. It’s like the Lilliputians, gaping in awe as Gulliver willingly lies down and allows them to bind him with chains.

Obama is a naive, weak, inexperienced, foolish man and the greatest gift we could give to people who don’t wish our country well would be to put him in the White House.

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