Oh Joy! Another Round Of Useless Peace Talks With Palestinian Terrorists

“Frankly, it’s time for the establishment of a Palestinian state.” — Condi Rice

Really? What does she base that statement on? Certainly not events on the ground in the Palestinian territories, where the terrorists in Hamas and Fatah have been murdering each other and any innocent Israelis they can get their hands on.

In fact, the Palestinians haven’t done anything in years that shows they’re ready to live in peace with the Israelis, that they’re ready to handle their own state, or that they’re even within 2 or 3 decades of being able to behave like civilized people.

Here’s more from Condi,

“Rice met with Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah as part of several days of meetings building toward a proposed peace conference next month in Annapolis, Md.

She repeatedly called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. But Rice made it clear that Hamas, the Islamist movement that won Palestinian parliamentary elections last year and calls for Israel’s destruction, would have no role in the upcoming negotiations.

“We’ve been very clear what the criteria are for involvement in this process,” she said. “If you’re going to have a two-state solution, you have to accept the right of the other party to exist. If you’re going to have a two-state solution that is born of negotiation, you’re going to have to renounce violence.”

Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in June, ending a unity government with the Palestinian president’s Fatah faction. Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, then fired Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas and has since been treated by Israel and the West as the sole legitimate Palestinian leader.

“Abu Mazen is the chairman of the PLO. That is the legitimate negotiating authority for the Palestinian people,” Rice said, referring to his Palestine Liberation Organization. “You work with the legitimate authority and the legitimate institutions of the Palestinian people to try to move them toward progress on statehood.”

This is just completely moronic. The Bush Administration has been saying for years that the Palestinians have to, “accept the right of the other party to exist,” and that they’re going to have to “renounce violence,” and they haven’t done it, nor have they shown any indications whatsoever that they intend to do it.

Moreover, the whole idea that we can just leave Hamas out because we don’t like them is ludicrous. Like it or not, Hamas is part of the Palestinian government — the stronger part as a matter of fact, and Mazen doesn’t speak for them. So, what’s the point of cutting a deal with a guy who can’t deliver anything he promises? It would be like Spain deciding to make a treaty with John Kerry because they like him better than George Bush.

Until the Palestinian people experience enough pain to convince them that they need to change their depraved, violent, evil ways, the Israelis are not going to be able to make peace with them. That’s why we should not reward the Palestinians with a peace conference until they’ve proven that they deserve it.

PS: This peace conference probably has everything to do with catering to Sunni run nations in the region and undercutting Iran, not actually making peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. So, with that in mind, let’s hope Bush has enough common sense not to push Olmert to make some major concession that will, in the end, gain Israel absolutely nothing.

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