Oh Yes, I’m Deliberately Keeping My Income Low…

While I was on vacation, this was one of my favorite stories because of the way it tries to spin pathetic left wing bottom feeders as principled heroes taking a stand,

“Peace activists are considering a mass tax resistance campaign next April to step up pressure to end the war in Iraq, Benn said.

Many tax protesters say they redirect the money they withhold to charities. Some, like Joanne Sheehan of Norwich, keep their income below taxable levels.

“I don’t see the point of working for peace and paying for war,” Sheehan said.

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Gross said he now manages to live on about $15,000 per year by carefully tracking his spending.

He acknowledged the tax resistance movement is too small to stop the war.

“But I think what we’re doing is showing the way for people in the anti-war movement,” Gross said. “I can look myself in the mirror and say at least I’m not supporting it, at least I’m not part of the machine.”

…Unlike the days when Thoreau was sent to prison in a tax protest against the Mexican-American War, modern war tax protesters rarely go to prison, according to tax resisters. The IRS may take their money from wages and bank accounts with penalties and interest after sending a series of letters.

“They’re very polite, which makes it a little boring,” said Rosa Packard of Greenwich, a longtime anti-war tax protester.

But Randy Kehler, who has refused to pay federal income taxes since 1976 to protest U.S. military policy, was evicted with his wife from their home in Colrain, Mass., in 1989 for nonpayment of more than $45,000 in taxes, interest and penalties. Kehler was also jailed for nearly three months for contempt of court.”

Yes, what a brilliant strategy: “deliberately” reducing your income so that you don’t have to pay taxes. Note that I have quotes around “deliberately.” It’s because I wonder how many of these people are just losers who’d rather try to impress other liberals by telling them that they keep their salary low because of their “principles.” By the way — I wonder how many of these people who do this also, out of principle, don’t take welfare, food stamps, or government programs?

PS: Along similar lines, a lot of the people who constantly talk up global warming remind me a little bit of these losers. The rich ones, like Al Gore, waste their money on carbon credits and you get the impression that they talk about global warming mainly because it sounds trendy and hip to talk about how much they care about the fate of the earth.

Of course, you could say that about a lot of liberal causes. They support policies not because they work or are good for the country, but because they think the policies are “nice” and it makes them feel good to be “nice.” Yes, they really are that shallow.

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