On the plus side, it’s your chance to see Sean Penn get shot to death

Another day, another Oscar-bait flick about a funny, brave gay martyr.

And an uptight, white male gun-owning “Christian” villain.

(Trailer etc posted at my blog.)

How is it “progressive” exactly that liberal Hollywood always kills off the gay character at the end of the movie?

(Or, for that matter, that black characters always get off’d first [this writer says second] in slasher pix? You’ve heard of the “final girl”? Well, that trope’s, like, the “initial brother”…)

But remember: we conservatives are the “twisted, intolerant” ones…

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury.com. In his introduction to her new book The Tyranny of Nice, Mark Steyn calls her “one of the virtuoso polemicists of our age.”)

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