Our “Friends” The French Are On Board In Iraq. Whoop-De-Do!

Liberals across America are today rejoicing, insurgents in Iraq are trembling in fear, and cowering monkeys in zoos all across America are waving their slices of cheddar in the air with abandon now that it’s official that the French are on board in Iraq!

Yes, the frogs have hopped to the rescue once again, pouring into the breach — almost as fast as they ran out of it when the Nazis rolled into their country in WW2 — in order to prove that Nato still works, that the French are still our friends, and that France is one of the world’s great powers!

The Daily Dispatch describes the glorious scene…

“A day after the two old foes had a reconciliatory dinner, Bush trumpeted a promise from all the Nato allies, including crucially France, to train Iraqi security forces, as a sign of an end of the tensions over the war.

“Twenty six nations sitting around that table (at Tuesday’s Nato summit) said it’s important for Nato to be involved in Iraq – that’s a strong statement,” he said.

But the commitment of the principal anti-war nations, in particular France, will be minimal: France will contribute to a training fund; it will commit just one official from its Nato offices, and it will not take part in training inside Iraq.”

Nearly useless help from a nearly useless country that’s part of a nearly useless alliance. From the French this is to be expected, but it is sad to see a once great alliance like Nato reduced to this point.

Hat tip to GOP Bloggers for the story.

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