Pat Out Of Hell

Let’s review:

The 700 Club has approximately 850,000 viewers

– The population of the United States of America is 300 million

– Do the math

Pat Robertson’s continued high profile has everything to do with the liberal mainstream media’s religious illiteracy and its need for a cartoon character to represent those “Evil Right Wing Christians.”

Falwell is dead, and Dobson isn’t physically charicature friendly and doesn’t have the right (that is, “wrong”) accent, so that leaves Robertson, who, let me remind you, is watched by less than one percent of America’s TV audience.

Let’s keep things in perspective: Rush Limbaugh has at least 13 times more listeners than Robertson has viewers.

Hey look: Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell still sells a quarter-million units every year, decades after its debut. (And for good reason. It’s a GREAT album and you know it. Three words for the producers of American Idol: “Jim Steinman night.”)

So let’s ask Mr. Aday who he’s voting for, then debate what it all means for the FM-DJs-Who-Take-Long-Bathroom-Breaks Community. Makes as much sense.

(PS: read Five Feet of Fury)

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