Patton And The Carpet Cleaner

After I reupped on my apartment for another 6 months, the apartment people kicked in a free carpet cleaning which is great because Patton has the unfortunate habit of throwing up on the floor ever so often which produces some rather “colorful” stains.

Anyway, I asked them to call before they came by so I could make sure that I was there or at least make sure that Patton was penned up so that he wouldn’t go all Cujo on them. Unfortunately, they must not have gotten that part of the message.

So I’m sleeping way late after staying up until 5:30 AM working on the page and there must have been a knock on the door. I’m totally zonked and don’t even hear it, but Patton does and he’s at the bedroom door in a flash. Then I hear the next knock, hop up and start to open the bedroom door.

Simultaneously, the carpet guy must have figured no one was there since I hadn’t responded, and used the key the apartment people gave him to come in, undoubtedly planning to just do the carpet while I was away.

Unfortunately — for him — when Patton made a snarling, barking, growling b-line for him as soon as I opened the door, which prompted a loud “Oh Sh……” before he slammed the door shut. After taking a moment to calm Patton down, I stepped outside, talked to him and set up another time for him to come by.

But when I came back in, the dog was so totally pleased with himself. He was jumping up and down & wagging his tail, as if he wanted to say: “Did you see that? I saved us from a home intruder! Was that awesome or what? Did you see the way he ran from me?”

Then I told him he was a “good boy,” and headed back to bed…

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