Paul & Enthusiasm

Even though I have beaten up on Ron Paul and his supporters a lot, I’m starting to feel a twinge of pity for them and I’ll tell you why: I don’t have any illusions about politics. The right side doesn’t always triumph, the best ideas usually don’t make it through the sausage grinder, the best man doesn’t always win — and, yes, Republicans can decide to pick a guy like a Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan.

I’m not cynical about it, but I am realistic. The Paul people? Not so much. In fact, they remind me of a scene in the movie, Knocked Up, where this father looks at his children, happily blowing bubbles in the park, and says wistfully, “wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles.”

I wouldn’t go that far, but I do at least admire the enthusiasm of the Paul supporters. They’re raising money, they’re throwing down signs all over the place, they’re spamming every internet poll, they’re doing everything they can think of to help their guy and now it’s reality check time.

First showing for Ron Paul, 5th place — and it probably isn’t going to get much better. So what happens to all that beautiful enthusiasm when it runs into a brick wall? It’ll probably take a few more similar losses for it to sink in and then we’ll see, but it probably won’t be pretty.

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