Paul Johnson Is Dead, A Serious Column From Frank J.

One man is dead which means little in the scheme of things, a lot for one family, and everything for Paul Johnson.

I wonder what the terrorists who captured him were thinking – like my understanding will make much difference. They knew neither Saudi Arabia or the U.S. would negotiate with them, so why even attempt it?

Then again, what do I care what the terrorist think? The different sides on the debate about terror reminds of a parody article from The Onion book Our Dumb Century. It was headlined:

Campaign ’80

Jimmy Carter: “Let’s Talk Better Gas Mileage”

Ronald Reagan: “Kill the B@stards”

Which Message Will Resonate with Voters?

Even in parody, Reagan had the right idea.

These people want us dead, and we don’t need to try and win them over. We need to kill them.

Some will say that will only create more bin Laden’s. Fine. We’ll kill them too. Believe me, at some point they will run out. They point is, every time they push, we have to push back harder. Otherwise they will see weakness, and they will hit us harder and harder until we finally are forced to respond, and, if we act weak enough, they may one day hit us with something so devastating that we have no choice but to use the bomb against them.

And that comes to my small little revelation when reflecting upon all this: we are not the ones most at risk here. It’s the people of the Middle East – millions and millions of them – who may end up dying if they can’t get their act together. If they can’t control the terrorists, we may have to act in overwhelming force to protect ourselves, and, in any situation, many more of them will die than ever will in America, even if the Isalmo-fascists get their grubby hands on a bomb or two.

That’s why resolve is important. We have to show them that we are some bloodthirsty sons of bitches who will demand a pound of flesh for every time we are scratched. Screw whether the Europe likes us or not. Screw whether people in the Middle East like us or not. Screw whether the governments are force-feeding their people propaganda against us or not. Screw whether Islam is capable of peace or not. We need to get in there and kill indiscriminately anyone who threatens us, regardless of what country’s permission we get.

We need to be one bold voice: We are America, and, if you try and stand between us and our safety, we will hurt you.

I need to do something, and the best I can figure is to make sure people know who are enemy is, what they do, what they believe, and who they killed. Then the battle cry among the people will be, “Kill the b@stards!” drowning out any whines from the few liberal hold-outs.

Any other attitude than that, and more people will die… on both sides.

Or at least that’s how I see it. Just felt I had to say something.

They killed Paul Johnson.

Rest in peace.

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