Pelosi Praises U.S. Troops for Defending Immorality

Pelosi Praises U.S. Troops for Defending Immorality: (2003-04-11) — U.S. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, today praised American troops for their “valiant performance during this immoral, illegal, wicked war.”

“I support the troops and oppose the war,” said Rep. Pelosi. “I think our men and women in uniform made us proud in this shameful political exercise to distract attention from the economy and provide more money for Dick Cheney’s former company. They are among America’s finest, and it’s a darn shame that they have risked their lives for the Bush regime, which will go down to the dustbin of history with the likes of Stalin and Hitler.”

Rep. Pelosi said U.S. troops should not let the “injustice of their cause prevent them from feeling proud about their service.”

“After all,” she added, “I’m proud to be a liberal Democrat Congresswoman.”

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