People Aren’t Anti-Abortion Because The Like Pushing Women Around

After talking about some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s positions today, Neal Boortz said this about members of the GOP who won’t support Arnold because he’s pro-abortion…

“You know these Republican die-hards though. (Arnold’s pro-abortion stand) is enough to send many Republicans screaming into the electoral wilderness. If there is anything some Republicans just can’t stand it’s the idea of the government not having control over a woman’s reproductive life.”

Oh yeah, it’s not the fact that Conservatives like me see abortion as nothing less than the murder of an innocent baby by his own mother, it’s actually just the thrill of watching the government boss women around that motivates us.

Simply put, I, and most conservatives believe life begins at conception. If you believe that, as we do, then what sort of vile, evil, dirty, SOBs would we have to be to support abortion? Personally, I see absolutely no ethical difference between aborting a baby in the womb and drowning him in a bathtub when he’s say a year old.

Given that, how could I possibly support a pro-abortion candidate if there’s another candidate who can win who doesn’t back infanticide? I’d prefer not to support any candidate who’s pro-abortion, however, I believe that sometimes you have to choose between the lesser of two evils (and yes, “evils” is an appropriate word for it). But there are plenty of conservatives who understandably don’t look at it that way. If they decide to stay away from the polls and cost Arnold a victory, well, so be it. Maybe some of the other people running for office on the GOP ticket around the country will take note of that and change their position on the issue accordingly.

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