PETA Protests Animals Being Killed by Other Animals

PETA Protests Animals Being Killed by Other Animals By Shamus Young: PETA has championed the cause of animals for years, fighting for their right to live without fear of being killed and eaten. While some success has been made in persuading people to stop the barbaric practice of eating other creatures, a new study released by PETA shows that the real danger to animals is far worse than anyone could have expected. The data collected by PETA suggests that the leading cause of death and suffering among animals is not people but other animals.

According to the report, America’s woodlands are more violent and deadly than the most dangerous inner-city ghetto. Every day thousands of small, innocent creatures are murdered and eaten by uncaring predators. PETA calls these attacks “nothing short of attempted genocide”, on the part of cats, owls, and other aggressors of the wild. Small animals aren’t safe leaving their holes, even if only for a few minutes to look for food.

Said Peta activist Alec Baldwin, “Humans need to step in and end the cycle of death and violence. Most of these aggressive animals were taught this behavior, and they never learned any other way to get food. We need to come to them and let them know there is a better answer.”

Vegan nutritionists have pointed out that stopping the bloodshed would benefit both sides. The all-raw-meat diet of hunter-type animals is very unhealthy. Bears, wolves, and eagles alike would enjoy the improved quality of life that comes from a vegan diet.

While debate on what should be done to stop the attacks rages on, it is clear that the government can no longer look away as innocent animals are slaughtered, leaving broken families and orphans to fend for themselves in the wild.

Mr. Baldwin summed up the study by saying, “Animals are people too.”

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