Pipe Bomb Suspect Named: The

Pipe Bomb Suspect Named: The FBI has named a suspect in the pipe bomb case. Apparently, they suspect one Luke John Helder of being responsible for all the bombs showing up in people’s mailboxes lately.

I’m glad we finally have a suspect so we can begin negotiations. Maybe we should just give this guy Nebraska as an opening offer and perhaps we can toss in Iowa if he refuses to stop making pipe bombs. We certainly need to be “restrained” in our response don’t we? After all, the US government has tanks, helicopters, and planes so what choice does this kook have but to blow people up who are getting their mail in order to get his message out? The worst thing we could do would be to crack down on this guy and shoot him, throw him in prison, or send him into exile because it would further the cycle of violence.

That’s pretty much how the EU and the UN thinks we should deal with terrorism isn’t it?

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