Podcast Interview with Jan Crawford Greenburg

For the latest Conservatives with Attitude! podcast show, I had the pleasure of interviewing author and ABC News Correspondent, Jan Crawford Greenburg last Thursday.

Jan is the author of Supreme Conflict, The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court.

Drawing on unprecedented access to the Supreme Court justices themselves and their inner circles, acclaimed ABC News legal correspondent Jan Crawford Greenburg offers an explosive, newsbreaking account of one of the most momentous political watersheds in recent American history.

Click here to listen or right-click on link and choose “Save As”

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Michael “A.J. Sparxx” Illions is the Co-Executive Director of GOPUSA-NJ Conservatives with Attitude, Professional Wrestler and a blogger at Polipundit.com and has signed on with the Duncan Hunter ’08 presidential campaign. He also has a great Myspace page.

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