Political Blogs & Websites I Hit 6 Days A Week

One day last week, I posted all the blogs that I visited during that day.

Of course, the massive numbers of blogs (& websites) I visit each day (S-Fri) are constantly changing. Some websites I hit every day, some multiple times per week, some once a week, and a few every once in a while.

Here are the political blogs and websites I currently consider to be “must see,” the ones that I hit every Sun-Fri…

Allah Is In The House
Betsy’s Page
Bizarro Drudge
Tim Blair
The Corner
DANEgerus Weblog
The Drudge Report
Hugh Hewitt
I Love Jet Noise
Inoperable Terran
Jewish World Review
Little Green Footballs
Michelle Malkin
National Review
Real Clear Politics
Right Thinking From The Left Coast
Steyn Online
World Net Daily

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