Poll Results: A Resounding “No” On The Bailout! + Kos Chimes In

Yesterday afternoon, I put up a poll that asked, “Do you support the 700 billion dollar bailout?

The response was 85% “No” and 15% “Yes.”

For once, I think we’ve found something that the Left and Right agree on because via Redstate, we learn that the Kos of Daily Kos fame is actually invoking the Club for Growth and threatening to primary any Democrats who vote for it. Here is a large excerpt from his post,

The bailout and 2010 by kos

It’s no secret that around these parts, we are in the process of transitioning from “more Democrats” (mission accomplished!) to “better Democrats” (mission has a long way to go). To that end, there is going to be a major push to primary bad Democrats in 2010. We’ll want many Donna Edwards-type candidates holding our worst, out-of-touch and bought-off Democrats accountable to the constituents that elected them to office.

…But it’s not just our side. On the Right, the Club for Growth has steadily ratcheted up its efforts in recent cycles, and this year, ousted GOP Rep. Wayne Gilchrest in MD-01 and came within 300 or so votes of taking out Don Young in Alaska (where they spent nearly $1 million). Any Republican that votes for this bailout bill will be begging for a Club primary challenge in 2010, and I suspect more conservative institutions will be eager to join that effort.

On both sides, challengers and money won’t be a problem. DC continues to underestimate the anger this bailout is generating outside their little bubble.

Give ’em hell, Kos — and that may be the first time I have ever said that? In fact, isn’t reading something nice about the Daily Kos on Right Wing News a sign of the apocalypse?

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