Poll Results: Pick The Hottest Celeb

Yesterday, I put up a list of the 10 hottest celebs out there — in my opinion, anyway (Unfortunately, I forgot Posh Spice).

Here are some pics of all these celebs for you to check out.

Jessica Alba
Jennifer Aniston
Mariah Carey
Lisa Edelstein
Kim Kardashian
Lucy Liu
Denise Richards
Kelly Ripa
Sarah Silverman
Michelle Trachtenberg

And here’s how RWN’s readers voted.

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Jessica Alba: 49%
Jennifer Aniston: 10%
Denise Richards: 9%
Michelle Trachtenberg: 7%
Lucy Liu: 6%
Kelly Ripa: 5%
Mariah Carey: 4%
Sarah Silverman: 4%
Lisa Edelstein: 3%
Kim Kardashian: 3%

Incidentally, my top 3 would be Mariah Carey, Sarah Silverman, and Kim Kardashian.

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