Poll Results: This Is Not Gore Country

Yesterday, I ran a poll on global warming. The question was,

Which of these two positions better describes your feelings about Global Warming?

There were 763 responses and here’s how it broke down,

The jury is still out on global warming and more research is needed before we take action to deal with it (97%)

Global warming is definitely happening, it’s caused by people, and we need to take strong action to stop it. (3%)

Why, the Nobel Peace Prize committee would probably have a heart attack after reading those numbers. Did you people not watch Captain Planet enough as a kid? Didn’t you see Earth in the Balance? Haven’t you noticed all the celebrities who really “care” about this issue?

Man, propaganda just doesn’t work as well as it used to in this country.

Bonus poll: Yesterday, my co-blogger Dr. Melissa Clouthier ran a poll on gay marriage. It received 473 responses and read,

Gay Marriage…..

Should be legal (11%)

Should be illegal, but I support Civil Unions (34%)

Should be illegal and the laws as they exist are fine (55%)

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