Poll Results: Who’s Your Favorite Talk Radio Host?

Yesterday, there was a poll question on RWN that read, “Who’s your favorite talk radio host?”

There were 1,342 responses and here’s how the numbers broke down,

Rush Limbaugh: 42%
Glenn Beck: 8%
Michael Savage: 7%
Other: 7%
Laura Ingraham: 6%
Neal Boortz: 5%
Sean Hannity: 5%
Hugh Hewitt: 4%
Dennis Prager: 4%
None: I don’t like talk radio: 4%
Bill O’Reilly: 3%
Michael Medved: 2%
G. Gordon Liddy: 1%
Bill Bennett: 1%
Larry Elder: 1%
Michael Reagan: 1%
Tammy Bruce: 0%
Dr. Laura: 0%

PS: My top 4 faves would be Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Tammy Bruce, & Neal Boortz.

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