President Reagan’s ‘Empire Of Evil’

President Reagan’s ‘Empire Of Evil’ Speech On June 8, 1982: Although Ronald Reagan didn’t actually use the phrase ‘evil empire’ in this speech, it is commonly referred to as the ‘Evil Empire’ speech (some people refer to a speech given in 1983 by this name as well). I think many of you will be surprised by how much of what Reagan said about the Soviet Union back in 1982 can be directly applied to ‘War on Terrorism’ and the dictatorships in the Middle East. For example…

I’ve often wondered about the shyness of some of us in the West about standing for these ideals that have done so much to ease the plight of man and the hardships of our imperfect world. This reluctance to use those vast resources at our command reminds me of the elderly lady whose home was bombed in the blitz. As the rescuers moved about, they found a bottle of brandy she’d stored behind the staircase, which was all that was left standing. And since she was barely conscious, one of the workers pulled the cork to give her a taste of it. She came around immediately and said, “Here now — there now, put it back. That’s for emergencies.”

Well, the emergency is upon us. Let us be shy no longer. Let us go to our strength. Let us offer hope.

This one is well worth reading…

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