Pretty Babies Only, Please

Good news, everyone — ugly babies can now become a thing of the past! Does your baby lack a cute button nose? Missing those adorable dimples? Hair just not the shade of blonde you were going for?

Then cosmetic abortion is for YOU! With new sonogram technology, you can assess your baby’s looks and genetics to determine if it is truly the baby you want. If not, you can undergo a simple procedure to terminate the fetus and just start all over again!

Think it’s a joke? Think again.

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) in London has given permission to a fertility clinic to screen embryos for — wait for it — a squint. If the baby is determined to have a “genetic disorder” causing it to squint too severely, then the baby can be aborted. The license was given to Dr. Gedis Grudzinskas. But a so-called genetic disorder that causes unnecessary squinting is not where it ends for Dr. Grudzinskas: he’d also screen for things like hair color, saying that hair color:

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“can be a cause of bullying, which can lead to suicide. With the agreement of the HFEA, I would do it.”

Anyone who would seriously consider aborting their child for purely aesthetic reasons should not be allowed to procreate — period. And Dr. Grudzinskas should have his license to practice medicine taken away.

Hat tip: MoonBattery.

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