PRIDE Fighting Championships

If you want to watch a show that features martial artists going at it in fights better than any boxing match you’ve seen, then you’ve got to check out the Pride Fighting Championships.

In all the time I have been watching the TV show, I have never, not one time, seen them put on a “bad” fight and it’s not unusual for every fight that they show to be just phenomenal. There’s lots and lots of striking and the rules are set up so that the fighters don’t end wrestling around on the ground endlessly either.

Here’s a little sample from the show that I Tivo’d last night. It features Quinton “Rampage” Jackson knocking out Ricardo Aron in one of the most brutal knockouts that you’ve ever seen:

Also, while I was tooling around YouTube, I ran across this video called, “Pride fighting knockouts.”

I know that’s a “best of” video, but to tell you the truth, it’s not unusual for the average fight to end with action that furious. So, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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