Project Payback: Google-Bombing Pro-Amnesty, Republican Senators Up For Election In 2008

Since 2005, conservatives have been loudly saying, secure the border, build the fence, crack down on the people hiring illegal aliens, and no amnesty. Because those conservatives have put the interests of the American people above those of illegal aliens, they’ve been ignored, insulted, and talked down to — not just by the Democrats, which is to be expected, but by Republican senators.

The latest amnesty bill, which was pushed through by Ted Kennedy without going through normal channels in the Senate, is as wildly unpopular as any bill in recent memory with conservatives. For example, on Friday I put up a poll here at Right Wing News that read, “What do you think of the illegal immigration bill the Senate is poised to pass?” 1552 people voted in that poll by the time this post was written and here are the results:

It sounds like a good bill. I support it. (4%)
It sounds like a bad bill. I oppose it. (96%)

So, the number of people who oppose this bill outnumber those who support it 24 to 1 here at Right Wing News — and we’re not alone. According to Rasmussen polling, George Bush’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest level ever after this immigration bill hit the news. On May 15, George Bush’s approval rating was 38% and his disapproval rating was 59%. On the 20th, after the bill was all over the news, he was at 34% approval and 63% disapproval.

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Additionally, I encouraged my readers to call and email their representatives this week-end and via email, instant messenger, and in the comments section they let me know that the following representatives and groups (among others) had voice mailboxes that were completely filled up, undoubtedly with people complaining about the amnesty bill:

Sam Brownback, Lamar Alexander, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Casey, Susan Collins, John Kyl, The Republican National Committee, The Republican Senatorial Committee, John McCain, Elizabeth Dole, Richard Burr, James Webb, and Mary Landrieu.

Still, after all that, we have Lindsey Graham going on Fox News Sunday and predicting that the bill will be passed with as many as 80 votes in the Senate. Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but that tears it for me. If these Republicans won’t listen to us, then they’re going to have to be replaced. Towards that end, let me tell you exactly what I’m going to do IF THIS BILL PASSES the Senate.

If this bill passes the Senate, I’m going to organize multiple Googlebombs that target every Republican in the Senate who is up for reelection in 2008 and votes for this amnesty bill. I’m going to find the worst, most damaging hit pieces on the entire world wide web and I’m going to see to it that every person who searches for the name of a pro-amnesty Republican in the Senate will see those articles. I organized GoogleBombs last year that targeted Democratic candidates and we got 70 out of 86 negative links in the top 30 search results on Google. This year, since we have more time, we will probably have an even higher success rate.

How much will that hurt? It’ll probably cost these Republican senators a few thousand votes each — but how many of these pro-amnesty Republicans feel comfortable throwing even a few thousand votes away? I guess we’ll find out….but that’s not all I’m going do.

Last year, I organized the Rightroots effort to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars for Republican candidates in the last 3 months of the election. This year, if this amnesty bill passes, I’m going to organize a group of bloggers to raise money for any viable primary challengers to pro-amnesty Republicans in the Senate. I’m also going to offer those candidates my services, pro-bono, as a consultant, to try to get their names out in the blogosphere. On top of that, I’m going to hunt down every single piece of dirt I can find from Republican sources on these pro-amnesty Republicans and I’m going to release it in the blogosphere. Put another way, if you’re a Republican senator up for reelection in 2008 and you vote for amnesty — and you face a viable primary challenger — I’ve got two words for you,

Scorched Earth.

Think Steven Laffey vs. Lincoln Chafee — and in case you’ve forgotten, Chafee won ugly in that primary, but he isn’t in the Senate anymore.

You know, I hope it doesn’t come to this, I really do. But, there comes a point where conservatives have got to say enough is enough and take our party back from these arrogant, unprincipled, elitist Country Club Republicans who dominate the Senate who think that they no longer have to pay attention to their constituents, their base, or the American people.

This time, they’re either going to pay attention, or we’re going to take 2 or 3 of their scalps and hang them on the wall come election time. I don’t want it to come to that, it shouldn’t have to come to that, but either they’re going to start listening or we’re going to get rid of them and find some senators who are willing to listen to the people who got them elected.

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