PROTEST AGAINST MEXICO: Mexican President tells Cali Crowd ‘This is the other Mexico’ While CA Assemblyman Shouts ‘Free Tahmooressi’

PROTEST AGAINST MEXICO: Mexican President tells Cali Crowd ‘This is the other Mexico’ While CA Assemblyman Shouts ‘Free Tahmooressi’

Right Wing News sponsored a major protest in California against Mexican President Nieto. He kicked off a tour of California yesterday in Los Angeles telling crowds that the United States was ‘the other Mexico’. As Co-Owner of Right Wing News, I met up with the protestors on assignment at the tour end in Sacramento.There Governor Jerry Brown honored Nieto at a luncheon amidst shouts for the release of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who is unlawfully incarcerated in Mexico.

Free Tamoorissi protest aug 2014 wrong man

According to the L.A. Times President Nieto pledged to make life better for his countrymen living on both sides of the border. Pledging reduced wait times at border crossings and faster services at Mexican consulates across the United States, Nieto said he had an obligation to serve all Mexicans, regardless of where they lived.

“This is the other Mexico,” he said of the United States, which is home to an estimated 11 million Mexican immigrants. His visit follows a recent trade mission to Mexico by Gov. Jerry Brown, who has promised to have the two governments work more closely on immigration, climate change, energy and trade issues. Mexico, which last year was the recipient of $23.9 billion of California’s exports, is the state’s largest trade partner.

During Brown’s visit, an agreement was struck to press forward with plans to create a new border crossing in San Diego County, which advocates say could alleviate delays that cost businesses billions of dollars annually. In introducing Peña Nieto on Monday, Brown spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California and nodded to the immigrants in the room, saying it didn’t matter whether they had permission to be in the United States.

“You’re all welcome in California,” he said.

Governor Brown’s nod to Mexicans crossing the border illegally with the promise to make crossing through the Southern border of California even easier was bad enough. Brown’s hosting Nieto is a slap in the face of veterans and military families while the Mexican Government continues to hold an American Marine hostage in their prison. I attended the protest just outside the extravagant luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion. Assemblyman Donnelly shouted through a mega phone that President Nieto MUST release Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi. The shouts were so disruptive from Donnelly and the hundreds of people he had gathered outside that the State Police asked him to cut the volume in half.

Donnelly said that ‘Today’s protest was about more than one former Marine Sgt; Andrew Tahmooressi has become a symbol of the disgraceful treatment of our veterans at the hands of worthless politicians like Gov. Jerry Brown who cares more for illegals than our veterans.’

After today’s protest hopefully Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown demonstrates that he’s got the cojones to accomplish something that President Obama can’t, push the Mexican Government to release our Marine. As you can see from the signs citizens are even willing to trade Governor Brown for Sgt. Tahmooressi… a good trade don’t you think?

Free Tamoorissi protest aug 2014 trade Brown 2

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is a rare Constitutional Conservative in California State Assembly, we were proud to be a sponsor of his protest against Mexico’s President.

Free Tamoorissi protest aug 2014 Donnelly

Free Tamoorissi protest aug 2014 corner

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