Q&A #17: Why Are Liberals Anti-2nd Amendment?

Question 1: “What, in your opinion, is the root cause for the liberal’s anti-2nd Amendment movement in the US?” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: There are a lot of reasons that liberals don’t like guns.

First and foremost among them is liberals tend to be elitists who have a very minimal level of faith in the American people. That’s why you’ll find liberals like Michael Moore who think it’s ok for them to have armed guards, but who just don’t believe that the average person can be trusted with a weapon.

Then you have to consider that supporting the right of a populace to be armed is a pro-victim position, not a pro-criminal position and bleeding heart liberals have a tendency to sympathize more with crooks than their victims. It’s no coincidence that it’s liberals who protest the police, ask for lesser sentences for criminals, carry around “Free Mumia” signs, fight against three strikes and you’re out laws, want to give felons the right to vote, etc., etc.

Going right along with the left’s pro-criminal viewpoint is their belief that people aren’t the problem, it’s the weapons that lead to crime. I know, I know, that’s so ridiculous, that it’s hard to imagine anyone believes it. But, liberals are being consistent here. Remember their incessant railing against nuclear weapons in the eighties? They acted as if the nuclear weapons were the threat to the world, not the fact that they were being wielded by an evil empire. Liberals didn’t get it then and they don’t get it now. The bad guys are the real problem, not the weapons.

Last but not least, in some ways, liberals either don’t understand how the world works or just don’t care. Let’s say that every gun in America was banned tomorrow. Well, assuming that was the case, why would anyone believe the criminals, who don’t care about the law and are largely using stolen and unregistered handguns, would actually turn in their guns? How foolish.

Happily, the Democrats have been punished so harshly at the ballot box for their gun grabbing tendencies that few of them have the guts to talk seriously about gun control anymore unless they’re in a liberal enclave. In large part, we can thank the NRA for that…

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