Q&A #94: Melissa’s Musack Preferences

Question: What is that makes a musical genre enjoyable for you, or is it just certain songs that get you pepped up and dancing? –Markus

For the record, I do not have an “anti-country music stance”. My problem is country music ignorance and a general dislike of the twang. Now. There is plenty of country music I like, but I certainly am not an expert. (I even like some Dixie Chicks songs–Sin Wagon and Lullabye come to mind. I know, sacrilege on so many levels.)

I’m a classically trained violinist, but I don’t listen to classical music much. I enjoy Opera even, but I don’t listen to that much either.

This is shameful to admit, but I actually listen to pop, rock-n-roll and hip hop and not the holy kind. That and talk radio.

The only music I totally hate is speed metal. And there are actually one or two songs….. Far from being a music snob, my music preference are pretty provincial and eclectic.

And Markus, learn me baby. I’m willing to be educated about country music. Beyond Garth Brooks (have his best of album, so pffft!) and Clint Black what should I know?

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