Q&A Friday #12: Should Conservatives Support Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times?

Question: “Great site and a great opportunity to ask a question I’ve always wondered about. Why is it that so many conservative Christian republicans cite the Washington Times when it is owned by Sun Myung Moon, a definate non-Christian with questionable veracity? Everytime I hear Rush (I haven’t listened to him in a while) or some other republican tout the Washington Times I cringe.” — jchristman

Answer: Just to put things in perspective, a lot of conservatives don’t like CNN, but our main beef with them is their liberal bias, not the fact that wacky Ted Turner is their founder. Given that, why write off the best conservative newspaper in America just because the owner is a flake? If the Washington Times ever starts shoving the Unification Church down their readers throats, I may change my mind. But until then, the Washington Times is OK by me.

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