Q&A Friday #12: What’s The Best Way To Stick It To Your Professor?

Question: “John: What advice do you have for conservative students who have BLATANTLY liberal prof.’s who want to “tell their prof a thing or two”? And if you have any information on the good points of Bush’s social security plan that’d rock because he’s always ranting about that. Thanks.” — LotusClown

Answer: Here’s my advice about telling your “prof a thing or two”: Don’t do it.

It might be one thing to tell the professor off or show him up if there was nothing he could do to you. But remember, you’re talking about someone who not only has the power to lower your grade, but who may be able to do so for very subjective reasons depending on the class. And if they’re “ranting” about Bush in class, that tells they take their politics very seriously. Now, do you really want someone like that looking over a paper that may decide whether you pass or fail a class and thinking:

“Oh yeah, that’s the little Bush loving “rethuglican”. He’s probably a bigoted, homophobic, Nazi, warmonger! I’ll show him!”

Take it from someone who believes his grades were lower than they could have been in certain classes in college because he openly disagreed with the kooky views of his professors: keep your politics under wraps when you’re in class.

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