Q&A Friday #13: Baseball & Steroids

Question: “What is your take on the whole baseball and steroids issue?” — karensp9

“What’s your take about the congressional steroid hearing regarding baseball?” — ndistops

“Barry Bonds a “Homerun King” or…Baseball Superstar Steroid User.” — Redfish

Answer: I thought the congressional hearings were ridiculous. It was just an opportunity for a bunch of grandstanding Senators to try to get the attention of the press.

“Oooh, look at me, I’m asking a tough question to Mark McGwire. Wow, CNN got a pic of me and Curt Schilling in the same shot!”

That being said , it’s obvious that MLB isn’t serious about this issue. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that an extra 20 pounds of muscle may mean the difference between making chicken scratch in AAA and making millions in the bigs. Yet, baseball obviously hasn’t been serious about keeping steroids out of the game. In truth they probably don’t want to know.

More muscles =’s home runs =’s more interest in the game =’s more money.

Of course, it also means that a lot of records now should have steroid related asterisks beside of them — including those held by Barry Bonds.

But that’s a problem that major league baseball needs to grapple with and also an issue for law enforcement. Congress shouldn’t be involved.

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