Q&A Friday #13

Today is Q&A Friday #13 at RWN.

So, if there’s a subject you’ve been wanting me to tackle or an issue you want to hear my opinion on, just ask your question in the comments section. Your question can be about politics, ideology, history, blogging, RWN, from a liberal, conservative, or libertarian perspective; heck, it can even be about movies, music, literature, or TV.

Then, I’ll select some of the more interesting questions and answer them. My posts will probably be a little shorter than usual, but expect more posts than normal from me.

So ask away!

PS: Given that I’ve devoted a lot of time to the Terri Schiavo story this week, actually a bit more than I’ve intended, I’m not going to answer any questions related to her tomorrow I’m not going to spend a lot of time on questions related to the case.

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