Q&A Friday #16: Controlling Immigration

Question: “I think the biggest part of the illegal alien problem is the “illegal” part. What can be done by states and/or the federal government to legitimize an “acceptable” amount of immigration?” — OC_Chuck

Answer: When you cut through all rhetoric, the biggest obstacle to dealing with the illegal immigration is that there are large groups of politicians in both parties who really and truly don’t want to solve the problem.

There are a lot of Democrats who LOVE illegal aliens because they see them as potential voters. Hispanics, who make up a large portion of illegals, trend Democratic roughly 60/40 and my guess is that if we’re talking about somebody from a socialistic, third world country, who has a minimal education and who broke the law to get here, they probably trend Democratic by a much higher percentage. So if we were to legalize the 10 million (estimates vary) illegals who are already here, that could mean an extra 2-4 million potential votes for Democrats nationwide.

On the other hand, there’s a certain crowd in the GOP that doesn’t really want to stop illegal immigration either because they get campaign contributions from business owners who rely on illegals for cheap labor. If they shut off the supply of illegal aliens, then those business owners are unhappy, and they stop cutting checks. Plus, a lot of the spineless wimps in Washington are afraid to be demagogued on the issue and would rather let illegals pour into the US than get called a racist by liberals for trying to enforce the law.

The truth is, despite all the moaning about how impossible it is to get rid of illegals, if the majority of both parties really wanted to secure the border and get rid of illegals it wouldn’t be all that hard to do.

All it would take is:

1) Locking down our border using more man power, radar stations, predators, fences, guard towers, etc. The idea that this is so tough to do is a big joke. We are the richest, most powerful, most advanced nation in the world. If we want to keep illegals, drug runners, and terrorists from walking across our border, then absolutely, without question, it can be done.

2) You crack down on businesses that hire illegals. Fine the heck out of ’em. Even throw some of the flagrant violators in jail. Then, after the businesses stop hiring illegal aliens, the overwhelming majority of illegals would self-deport.

3) Undoubtedly, a lot of illegals are crossing into the US in hopes of being made US citizens. So, we should make it clear that any illegal caught in the US will be fingerprinted and forever barred from becoming a citizen.

4) If we wanted to set up some sort of guest worker program, that would be fine, as long as no illegal aliens were allowed to participate. Preventing illegals from being able to get a job and yet allowing workers who followed the rules to come here would again provide another pair of strong incentives to obey the law.

So you cut off the easy access to the US and take away the motivation for illegals to come here. If we actually did this, in 5 years or less, our illegal alien problem would essentially solve itself without our trying to individually track down millions of illegals.

Again, the problem isn’t all that difficult to solve — if the politicians want to solve it.

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