Q&A Friday #19: Shouldn’t Conservatives Be Out Protesting Like Liberals?

Question: “My question is, when will conservatives counter this barrage of left-wing propaganda with more informative, conservative sites? Conservatives need to build consensus.

Seems to me that, when there is a rally or event in Washington protesting in front of the White House or Senate, it is always most likely vocal left-wingers, anti-war, pro-abortion, gay-rights demonstrators, ramming down their agendas down our collective throats. When are Conservatives going to stage, per say, a rally condemning Democratic Senators for their unprecedented filibustering, obstructionism, or outrageous statements?

It seems that Conservatives need a bit of adrenalin, and that we should start countering the “vociferous” minority, lest they run all over us once again!” — Althor

Answer: As far as conservative websites go, there are plenty of them from National Review to Michelle Malkin to Lucianne on and on and on.

On these rallies? What has the left accomplished with them? They all get together, make their giant puppet heads, put on their t-shirts comparing Bush to Hitler, and then they grab their “Free Mumia” signs and they have a nice little pep rally. Nobody cares. The press may report on it, but the general reaction seems to be, “Look at all the jerks they managed to get together in one place.”

Nobody’s mind is being changed by a bunch of clowns standing around in the street carrying ridiculous signs and as often as not if there’s any big coverage of the protest at all, it’s either because of violence or outrageous comments that end up hurting the cause all the protestors hit the street to support.

Those huge protests aren’t worth the time and energy expended on them.

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