Q&A Friday #2: Why Does Communism Lead To Genocide & Mass Murder?

Question: “Been trying to learn a bit about communism, and specifically why communism leads to genocide and mass murder. The political/social theory strikes me as very naive, but I really don’t see why it should necessarily lead to such atrocities. Can you shed some light on this?” — Freeven

Answer: Well, just think about the pollyannaish premise behind communism. You have people who are so unschooled in dealing with other human beings that they actually believe that building a society around the philosophy of, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is going to work.

So what happens when human nature asserts itself and the people reject communism, instead making it clear that they prefer a system where each person uses his abilities to benefit himself and his family?

Then the Communist system can only be maintained through state sponsored violence, repression, & terror. And unlike a dictator who, vile and savage though he may be, understands that the system is being of government maintained for their benefit, commies, at least the ones I’ve communicated with and read, seem to believe that people who oppose their way of thinking do so because they’re bad people, maybe even evil. I think that makes enormous body counts & brutality easier for communist elites to accept than they would be otherwise. At least that’s my theory…

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