Q&A Friday #20: Why Are Neo-Nazis And KKK Members Considered Members Of The Right-Wing?

Question: “Why are neo-nazis and KKK members considered members of the right-wing?” — Rooster349

Answer: For the most part, it’s spin. Democrats have been falsely portraying Republicans as racists who hate blacks and Jews for years, and since that’s what Neo-Nazis & members of the KKK actually are, it fits in with the Democratic propaganda.

Of course, I did say for the most part.

Because I’ve perused a lot of Nazi & KKK sites while compiling the Anyone Can Post On The Internet section, I think I have a pretty good perspective on how a lot of these racist scumbags think.

Certainly, there are some of them who do fit into the mold of racist Republicans. In fact, Pat Buchanan seems to be the favorite “mainstream” political figure that a lot of these bigots like. On the other hand, you’ll find that a lot of them tend to be Socialists and it’s no coincidence that the only former member of the KKK in Congress is a Liberal Democrat, Robert Byrd.

But in truth, from what I’ve seen, most of these KKK/Nazi ignoramuses hate Republicans and Democrats, many of them are Fascists or radical Socialists, and for all practical purposes the vast majority of them have goals and aims that mean they’ll always be outsiders in our political system. When you’re talking about people who ultimately believe that the United States needs to purge everyone who’s not lily white, there’s just no way they can truly fit in with Conservatives or Liberals, Republicans or Democrats.

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