Q&A Friday #22: Who Would Be A Good Potential SCOTUS Nominee?

Question: “Who do you think would be a good potential nominee for President Bush to pick as a justice to the Supreme Court?” — sproe98

Answer: There are a lot of great candidates out there and I mentioned some of them earlier this week.

However, I’ve been thinking about it and have decided that Janice Rogers Brown would be a particularly DELICIOUS pick.

First of all, she’s a rock solid originalist who’s really popular with the conservative base. Plus, the liberal base would be furious with the Democratic members of the “gang of 14” who helped the pave the way for nomination by compromising with the GOP. That could even do enough damage to some of those Democratic Senators to help the GOP take their seats in 2006.

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Second of all, just imagine how embarrassing it would be for the Democrats to launch all these nasty & vitriolic attacks at the first black woman ever nominated for the Supreme Court, a sharecropper’s daughter, right after they accused the Republicans of being racist in their response to hurricane Katrina.

Third, Bush could go ahead, nominate Brown next week, and portray her as a “compromise pick.” After all, the Democrats have no excuse for delay since Brown was just confirmed to the appeals court 56-43 back in June. She was also part of the “gang of 14” compromise so a filibuster would look incredibly hypocritical. Even the always unreliable RINOS would have a hard time turning around and voting against her after they just voted in her favor.

Like I said, DELICIOUS!

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