Q&A Friday #24: About The Latest Burger King Commercial

Question: “Have you seen the latest BURGER KING ads? the burger king guy gives all meat sandwich to a LOGGER who cuts down a tree wow that will upset the enviromentalist wackos but screw the eco-freaks this is a real ad.” — lonsome_loon

Answer: The creepy looking Burger King guy has actually replaced Ronald McDonald for me as the most hated corporate mascot.

You have this weird, masked, freak who doesn’t talk, appearing in odd places and offering people food. Why are these people even taking his sandwiches? Didn’t they have parents who told them not to take candy from strangers when they were kids? Personally, if it came right down to it, I’d take a snickers bars from someone before I’d take a sandwich. At least the candy bar is wrapped.

The particular commercial you mention is typically freaky. Imagine this: you’re alone, in the woods, working hard, doing your job, cutting down trees with your ax. Then, when a tree falls, there’s somebody standing right there. In and of itself, that would freak anybody out. Now on top of that, the guy is wearing a mask, a crown, a costume, is holding a sandwich, and won’t talk. Are you going to tell me visions of the “Friday the 13th” wouldn’t be going through your head?

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In the ad, the guy just takes the sandwich from him and then they hang out together. In real life, a normal person would start slowly backing up while thinking: “If he jumps at me while I’m trying to get away, I’ll hit him with the ax.”

Like I said, I’m just not a big fan of those commercials…

*** Update #1 ***: I just saw a new BK ad and it was so deliberately sinister that they had to be doing it on purpose.

You have this construction worker, way, way up working on a skyscraper. He sees someone working on the other side of a steel beam, but he can’t tell who it is.

Suddenly, the “burgary” face of death comes slowly peering around the side of the beam. Here’s the worker, trapped and vulnerable, while some weirdo with a bizarre mask is leering at him. It’s like the climax of a horror film.

Then, the Burger King guy hands the construction worker a glass of coffee, which he quickly drinks down. Of course, it could have been full of sulphuric acid for all he knew, but why not trust the masked stranger who has you cornered 500 ft. off the ground?

Now here’s the real kicker: the two of them are standing there, way up in the air, and the Burger King guy gives the worker a little push. The worker staggers a little bit, almost falls, and barely regains his balance. Then he looks at the Burger King guy and laughs uproariously as if to say: “You almost murdered me, you sly devil!”

You know what would be really hilarious? A horror flick featuring the “King” murdering people for refusing to take his free sandwiches. Now that would be entertainment.

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