Q&A Friday #27: With Whom, And Where, Would You Go On Vacation?

Question: If you were going on vacation with any 3 other bloggers, where would you be chilling and with who? — Compiled

Answer: Hmmm….this is a tough one. Vacation wise, I’m one of these homebodies who doesn’t even want to go anywhere…although actually, one of those National Review political cruises would be fun. It would also be a blast to go on a trip down the Amazon — assuming you didn’t get killed. Greece, Israel, and Italy might be fun too — a lot of historical places to check out there. If I had to pick just one and I was going by myself, I would go with the National Review cruise. If I were going with other people, I think might go with Greece.

Now, as far as whom I’d take with me goes….

My very first choice would be Sarahk of Mountaineer Musings, Frank J.’s gorgeous fiance and t-shirt girl. Yep, she’s first, she’s the person I’d pick numero uno, the person I would vote for, absolutely #1!

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Then, because Sarahk hates me and would be pining away for Frank — which would make her miserable company — I’d need to pick two other people whom I would actually hang out with.

I think I’d have to go with Mary Katharine Ham, who’s blogging over at Hugh Hewitt’s place these days. The fact that she is a North Carolina girl, born and raised, gives her the edge.

Then there’s Megan McArdle from Asymmetical Information. She reminds me of Dagny Taggart from Atlas Shrugged and I expect she’d be a fun person for a conservative guy to hang out with.

Give me those two and Sarahk (after we “ungrumpified” her) and I bet we’d have a blast on vacation somewhere. But, if any of the three of them couldn’t make it, I think I’d go with…

Honorable Mentions

Ann Coulter (that thing on the right side of her page counts as a blog, right?)
Right Thinking Girl (She’s taking a break from blogging, but ya gotta love her).
Risawn from Incoherant Ramblings
Pam from Atlas Shrugs
Joyce from Transcended

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