Q&A Friday #29: Was Jesus A Liberal?

Question: “How would you counter someone’s argument that the Bible is liberal and Jesus was a liberal? This counteracts the “religious right” theory.

(A simple google search of jesus+liberal should yield enough hits that I don’t need to list their arguments here)” — Agent_Westy

Answer: Oh yeah, Jesus would approve of abortion, gay marriage, and banning his own name from being spoken at school plays. And who could ever forget when Jesus turned water into wine and then said: “Remember my children, thou shalt not drill ANWR!”

In all seriousness, Jesus wasn’t a leader of a country or a politician and he simply didn’t deal in any substantive way with many of the political issues we grapple with today. That’s why trying to apply a political label to him is not only futile, it usually comes across as obnoxious and self-serving.

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