Q&A Friday #3: Stopping Iranian Nukes

Question: “What do you think about Israel saying that they will use military force to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power?” — GodBlessAmerica

Answer: As far as I’m concerned, we’d be better off going to war with Iran than letting them get nuclear weapons. If we allow a bunch of “Death to America” chanting, anti-semetic, Islamo-Fascists with close ties to multiple terrorist groups make nuclear weapons, we’re just asking for a nuclear weapon to go off in LA, New York, or Tel Aviv one day. If we can talk them out of it, great. If not, we can bomb their nuclear plants, Israel can bomb their nuclear plants, hell, Zimbabewe can bomb their nuclear plants for all I care, but we have got to use any means necessary to stop their getting nuclear weapons no matter who likes it or who doesn’t. Let Ariel Sharon & W. work out the details behind the scenes on who actually makes the move, but get it done BEFORE they get nukes…

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