Q&A Friday #3: The ACLU VS. Christianity

Question: “Would you comment on the ACLU and their threat of law suits to LA County and other areas for having “Christian” symbols on their seals? Do you think they’ll ever go so far as to threaten cities with lawsuits to change their Christian/Catholic names? (Like Sacramento?)” — Libby

Answer: I think we have the First Amendment turned on its head when it comes to religion in this country. Despite the fact that the First Amendment was designed to protect the religious freedoms of Americans, anti-Christian zealots like the ACLU and liberal tyrants in black robes have turned the First Amendment into a weapon against religion.

The First Amendment is designed to do exactly what it says, prevent Congress from making a “law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. In short, it’s designed to stop the Federal government from establishing a “Church of England” here in the US and defend religious liberties, not to purge all mention of God by government officials or from government buildings. In fact, back in the days of Jefferson, Madison, they were declaring “national days of prayer” and teaching children to learn to read out of a Bible in the public school system. The idea that the Founding Fathers would support purging Christian symbols from state seals, banning the use of the word “Christmas” in schools, or removing the Ten Commandments from courtrooms is Orwellian in its twisting of the truth.

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