Q&A Friday #3: The Iraqi Kidnappings

Question: “Given that they have unsuccessfully tried the same tactics with Italian, Japanese and American hostages, why do you think Michael Moore’s “minutemen” are now threatening Filipino hostages with beheading unless they pull their forces out of the ‘unilateral Coalition?'” — Cujeau

Answer: Fighting against American and British troops will get you killed, killing Iraqis is unpopular, and blowing up oil pipelines or empty buildings doesn’t get enough press. So, kidnapping civilians may be their best option in many cases.

The Western press covers them, they’ve had some small amounts of success in getting some civilians to leave the country, and it leaves the impression that they’re still doing something. But, in reality, it’s not an effective tactic, it’s not going to help them achieve their goals, and it actually stirs resentment against them in Iraqi society. Think of those kidnappings as desperate acts committed by desperate men who are fast running out of options.

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