Q&A Friday #30: Do You Think Right Wing News Helps The Conservative Cause?

Question: “John, in all seriousness, do you think your site, www.rightwingnews.com, helps your cause?” — CWSCHNEIDER

Answer: No, I don’t. That’s why I get up and blog every day, because I think it’s hurting the conservative cause. You see, nothing hurts conservatives more than explaining our ideas, pointing out liberal bias in the media, and highlighting libs acting like morons. Why, the more we conservatives try, the worse it gets — which is why we control the White House, Congress, and a majority of governorships.

At this rate, if things keep on getting worse because of the way blogs like this one are hurting our cause, we’ll have consecutive Bush family members in the White House until about 2040. We’ll have Jeb Bush, Laura Bush, Jenna Bush, and then Barbara Bush, the hottest chief executive ever to run a country.

Hope that answers your question CWSCHNEIDER! And remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people!

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