Q&A Friday #30: What Should We Do About Iran?

Question: “Dear John,

I have a heart for the Iranian people who want their freedom from those mullahs. I also do not want Iran to be able to complete their nuclear weapon, if they haven’t already. If we attack Iran, we lose the support of the people I care about, because they are patriots also.

My question is this. What should we do? How do we eliminate the threat without losing our friendship with the people? Are you aware that the DemocRATS blocked a provision in the resolution condemning Iran?” — Rosemary

Answer: There is no win/win answer in Iran.

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Allowing a terrorist-supporting group of Islamo-fascists who lead people in chants of, “Death to America,” and are openly telling the world they intend to annihilate Israel to acquire nuclear weapons is absolutely unacceptable.

Ideally, we would have put the kibosh on their nuclear project via negotiations, sanctions, etc., but Europe has been leading the charge on that front and as per usual, they’ve failed utterly and time has almost run out.

Furthermore, the CIA has likely been working to try to help the Iranian people overthrow their government via a coup. But of course, the government isn’t going to tell us about that and unless someone leaks it to the New York Times, we wouldn’t know about that sort of a thing until well after the fact. In any case, an in-house revolution would be the ideal solution but that doesn’t seem likely to occur before Iran acquires nukes.

That means a military strike will likely be the next step. It’ll probably be carried out by Israel in order to keep our hands as clean as possible. But even if Israel carries it out, we can expect to catch some of the blame, the Iranian people are likely to become more supportive of their leadership after an attack and less friendly towards the US, and who knows what sort of hellstorm a strike on Iran might unleash in the Middle-East.

Unfortunately, things don’t always come down the pike at the most opportune time. Yes, it would be better if we had more time and didn’t need to deal with this problem right now. On the other hand, I’m sure France and Britain would have preferred not to have to go nose to nose with Hitler when he went back into the Rhineland. But, had they done so, they might have spared us the 2nd world war. In this case, we may be sparing ourselves or Israel a nuclear attack and at a minimum we’d be preventing an arms race in the Middle-Race that would likely see Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia (at a minimum) all developing nuclear weapons.

Under no circumstances should Iran be allowed to have nukes and that means Israel bombs them, we bomb them, we invade, you name it, we need to stop at all costs and quite frankly, 2006 will probably be when things break loose — so be prepared.

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