Q&A Friday #31: What’s Your Favorite Drink?

Question: “Favorite Drink?” — sonk

Answer: I’ve never been much of a drinker. I started drinking occasionally in high school and drank a bit here and there until I was oh, 21, 22? But, I never liked beer and rarely ever drank unless I was planning to get wasted and head out with some friends to go to a party or clubbing, which wasn’t an every week thing for me. In fact, I bet I never drank more than a half dozen times over any one year’s time.

Eventually, after I decided that parties were horribly boring and had come to mildly regret some of the dumb things I’d said and done while trashed, I just quit drinking completely.

But, my favorite drink — when I did drink — was Absolut Vodka mixed with Kool-Aid (Can you tell that I haven’t drank since college? =D)

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