Q&A Friday #31: Why Is There Such Animosity Towards America Around The World?

Question: “why do feel that there is so much animosity towards America around the world. One only has to look as Europe, Asia, Oceania to see that America is the most hated nation in the world.” — kida

Answer: As long as America is a Super Power, we’ll be hated by a lot of people. It goes with the territory. When you’re the biggest, richest nation in the world, no matter how much good work you do, everyone else resents the fact that you have the power to do things that they can’t and have a say in areas where no one cares what they think. Because of that, they find reasons to dislike you, rational or not.

Want other nations to at least seem to love America? Then, we can be lapdogs of the UN and Europe and let them tell us when it’s OK to defend our country, how we can do it, and we can sign every sovereignty and economy killing treaty they put in front of us. If we do that, our poll numbers in other countries will go up and we’ll be lauded for being such great international citizens.

Then, the first time we get out of line and do what we want, instead of what they tell us to do, they’ll despise us again. Don’t buy that? Well, let’s see: we saved Europe from the Nazis, rebuilt them after WW2 with the Marshall program, protected them from the Evil Empire for 40 years, took care of the Serbians in their own backyard — and all that brought us, what, 6-12 months worth of gratitude from the ingrates, if that, after 9/11?

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That’s not to say we shouldn’t do our best to create good will towards America in the rest of the world, but, being liked isn’t as important as defending our country from terrorists, guarding our sovereignty, or looking out for America first.

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